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We are a Class 1 FFL dealing in modern and collectible firearms.  We specialize in collectible Rugers and have a passion for Redhawks and Bearcats.  Browse around our humble website and come back often for it will continually change and improve as we find time for improvement.  We will be adding guns, knives, accessories and reloading supplies for sale regularly.  To introduce ourselves I will first introduce some of our principles:
I believe in treating others with fairness, courtesy and respect until I'm given a good reason not to. 
I believe a man's word is his most valuable asset and a handshake is a contract.
I believe that there are some customers I can't afford to have.
I believe hard work never hurt anybody and could have helped a few.
I believe work and fun are achievable simultaneously.
I believe the non-voters should be the quiet ones when discussing politics.
I believe the real heros were in the war and not in Hollywood with the exception of Audie Murphy and Ronald Reagan.
I believe GOD should stay in our schools and our government. Our forefathers thought so and I believe we need HIM more now than we did then.
I believe America is worth saving.
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